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Outsource Your Payroll?

At this point some payroll providers will suggest that not outsourcing your payroll will open you and your business up to the risk of large penalties from HMRC and The Pension Regulator. They will hint at headaches and sleepless nights, and leave you feeling decidedly uncomfortable, in the hope of a phone call.

What they say is undeniably true, however…

…we don’t believe that scaring our clients into outsourcing their payroll to us is the right way to begin what we hope to be a long and happy business relationship.

We are about empowering and informing our clients, supporting their business growth and enjoying the journey with them.

What we do say is that there are many hidden costs to running payroll in-house, and there are a few to ponder below:

  • Recruiting Skilled and Experience Payroll Staff
  • Salary for a Specialised Employee
  • Professional Memberships to CIPP
  • Sickness/Holiday or Maternity Cover
  • Payroll Software
  • Training on Software and Yearly Legislation Updates
  • Hardware, including Backup Server
  • Disaster Recovery Costs
  • Specialist Stationary

The decision to outsource isn’t always based on facts and numbers. From having time to be with your family or walk your dog, to ensuring that your team are happy and paid fairly for their efforts, there are many reasons that you might choose to outsource. How many of those below apply to you?

Avoid your payroll knowledge walking out of the door

As a small business, you’ll get to the point of being a ‘well-oiled machine’. Each member of your team becomes crucial and whilst they love their job, there are other factors that may mean a core employee will look to leave you. Family responsibilities, health worries or a change in priorities can all lead an employee to move on. Outsourcing means you know that your payroll will be done each month without that risk.

Familiarity with unusual situations

Payroll can be a complicated and varied process, and a change in legislation can be daunting to implement. There are many elements that can be added to payroll, such as medical or dental schemes, cycle to work schemes, or other benefits, and court orders or similar can require a deduction to be made to an employee’s pay which will need monitoring each month. These are elements that we are very familiar with as many of our clients have variety in their payroll, and you can be sure that we have come across the circumstance before. We can quickly and easily make additions to your payroll and ensure things run smoothly and accurately.

Life Work Balance

Whilst the simple list above shows how you can end up spending money on payroll, the extra element is you and your time. Some small businesses will run payroll in-house, and often the owner of the business will take care of this. Running your own payroll can take time, it’s a once per month task that you’ll can never get practiced at, and can be something you build up to each month. Many businesses have a peak at the end of the month and small business owners find themselves running payroll outside of core business hours to keep up with the peak in demand and ensure that their team are paid on time. This can take away time from family and friends, and other areas of life that are important and make life worth living. We price our service to make sure that time for walking the dog, a meal out with the family, playdate with the kids or game of football with the lads is worth so much more?

Unleash yourself from the shackles of payroll… we can help

Professional support with HMRC

One of the concerns voiced by small business owners is HMRC taking an interest in them. Getting a letter advising that a HMRC Officer is coming to look at your payroll can make you feel like a medicine ball has dropped into your stomach. Should this ever happen you can be sure that we’ll be with you the day of the visit, with records and paperwork to ensure that they audit, are happy and satisfied and leave you in peace with a cheery wave.

It goes without saying that we’re here to speak to them on your behalf on any other matter and will deal with any correspondence.

We have lots of experience of communicating with HMRC and understand the correct and professional approach.  We ensure the minimum of disruption to your business, whilst satisfying their requirements and answering their questions fully.


It was accepted that salary was a personal matter between the company and the employee, but in this age of equality employees are paid the same salary based on job and experience. However, there are variables that might mean you want payroll to be taken care of outside the business. Bonuses, one off payments or the value of benefits can add up and you may wish this information to be private between you and your employee.

It goes without saying that we take care of all of the above and ensure your payroll is accurate, on time and stress-free each and every month. Our no-nonsense, Fixed-Fee Small Business Payroll Service starts at £14.80 per month which gets us wondering not ‘Why would you outsource?’ but ‘Why wouldn’t you?

Talk to us today to see how easy we can make things for you.

Whether you are looking for small buiness payroll services, household payroll or something in between – Payrollability is sure to have a service that will meet your payroll needs.

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