Looking for the best of both worlds… here it is!

We offer professional payroll support when running your own payroll, as much or as little as you need until you’re confident to go it alone.


Our Payroll Training and Ongoing Support Service offers the comfort of having a payroll professional by your side, whilst running your payroll in-house. Charged on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, you’ll only ever pay for the time and services you use.

The service includes:

  • An initial conversation by phone or Skype to help us understand your business and what your payroll will look like.
  • We’ll talk to you about the software, covering how it works and what you will need to do each month to be complaint.
  • We’ll talk you through downloading the software and installing it.
  • Once you’ve set up your payroll and populated the software with all the required data, you’ll provide a back-up to us. We will audit this for accuracy and good practice giving you peace of mind from the outset.
  • When you’ve finalised your first payroll you’ll forward a second back-up prior to filing with HMRC. This will give you peace of mind that your payroll is correct and the information you’ll give to HMRC is accurate and compliant.
  • You’ll complete your payroll and send the RTI file to HMRC and the data file to the Pension Regulator, distribute pay slips to your employees and pay your staff, HMRC, and your Pension Provider.
  • As time goes on, we’ll be here to answer your questions and check your payroll until you’re fully comfortable with the process
  • 14 days credit terms on each invoice

We’re here to support you, answer your questions and help you get it right every time.

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