Employer Dashboard & Employee Self Service

Employer Dashboard – Employee Self Service portal and app

As your business grows, and you add employees to your team, the job of keeping employee information secure and up to date, making changes, and ensuring that you have payroll and payslips records become a huge job in itself. In addition, your Accountant wants reports and figures, and digging out the reports that we’ve sent each pay period and getting them to your Accountant can be a chore that takes up time you’d rather spend making your business grow.

This is why we now offer the Employer Dashboard and Employee Self-Service Portal and App.

Employer Dashboard will allow you to access reports and payslips for previous months, and download them easily and quickly. It will let you see what you owe HMRC, and the date the payment is due. You can authorise access for your accountant, leaving them to get on with what they do and collecting the information they need when they need it. Your employees holiday requests will come straight to you, and the company wide calendar means you can see how holiday is spread, letting you easily balance busy times with the requests of staff for annual leave and parental leave. You can also see sickness absence easily and patterns and issues can be identified and resolved before they become a serious problem.

Self Service allows employees to see the information you hold on them, and access historic payslips and P60’s easily without intervention from you. They can apply for holiday, change personal information and see their own employee calendar to check holiday and parental leave bookings.

The Self Service App gives your employees the flexibility to access everything at any time from anywhere.

Greater visibility and simplicity for you and your staff, but with the added certainty that your information is protected against data injection, authentication hacking, cross site scripting, exposure flaws, request forgery, and the many other types of vulnerabilities.

And you can have peace of mind knowing that the service is powered using the latest web technologies and hosted on Microsoft Azure for ultimate performance and reliability.


Client’s Employer Dashboard

  • Set annual leave on the employee calendar and access employee data, including the ability to make changes. This will flow back into payroll.
  • View an employee wide calendar, giving you visibility of holiday and sick leave, and greater control over staffing levels.
  • View reports for each pay period, including custom reports.
  • View the payment schedule for HMRC and check payment dates and amounts due easily
  • Grant access to your accountant allowing them to download reports to complete your accounts easily and without your input.


Employee Self Service

  • Employees can now browse and download their payslip history, along with other payroll documents.
  • Request annual leave directly, with requests flowing directly into payroll.
  • View their employee calendar, showing annual leave, sick leave and parental leave.
  • View personal information held and make amendments to that information.


Employee Self Service App

  • Employees can now browse and download their employment records using the app which is available to download for free on any Android or iOS device. 
  • Payslip history and P60’s can be accessed and downloaded. 
  • Holiday entitlement can be checked and booked easily and quickly at any time.
  • Update contact information safely and securely.
  • Smart Alert – Employees can receive a notification when new payslips and other documents are available.


PayrollAbility’s Dashboard and Self Service Portal and App is available from £15.50 per month. So whether you’re an existing or new client, speak to us today on 01384 92 90 20 to discuss how this can make GDPR compliance and managing your growing team easier and stress free.

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