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Whether you want training, outsourced payroll or a single employment contract we’re here to help.

payroll outsourcing

Our payroll outsourcing and workplace pension services are designed with the first time employer, small employer and domestic employer in mind. Out processes are robust and thorough, but thoughtfully designed to ensure they do not make new clients feel overwhelmed. After all, outsourcing is supposed to make life easier!


  • Payroll for Small Businesses and New Employers
  • Domestic Payroll for Carers, Nannies or Household Staff
  • Holiday Monitoring and Holiday Entitlement Calculation
  • Full Management of Auto Enrolment Workplace Pension
  • Trouble Shooting Existing Payroll 


We’ll ask you to complete our Letter of Engagement and GDPR Data Processor Agreement which will give you piece of mind. It outlines what we’ll do for you and when, and you’ll have our guarantee that things will be done on time and correctly. After you’ve engaged us to work for you, we’ll agree how you want to provide the information needed to create your payroll. We’ll gather the information, set up your basic payroll and send a report to you for checking. Once you’ve checked this and agreed it’s correct we’re ready to begin your monthly processing.

Monthly processing will be done in one of two ways. If your employees are paid the same amount each month we’ll schedule the date you need your payroll by, and it will arrive with you on time.

If your employees are paid based on hours worked, or are rewarded with bonuses or in a way that can change payroll each time, we’ll agree the date each month that you’ll receive an email to remind you that it’s payroll time. You’ll send the information over by your chosen method, and payroll will be completed and arrive with you for checking.

In both scenarios, once you’ve agreed that payroll is correct it’s sent to HMRC and the Pension Regulator, and either pay slips are sent by your agreed method or if you’re using the Employee Portal your employees will be able to access their payslip and up-to-date holiday information.

An invoice will be sent to you for the month, but payment of the invoice isn’t due for 14 days so there’s no rush.  And with payroll starting from an all inclusive £30.59 per month there’ll be no nasty surprises.

We really do keep it that simple!


Holiday Monitoring

Employees are entitled to 28 days holiday each year.  If your employee is part-time or works a different number of hours each week, this calculation and keeping track of your employees entitlement and holiday used can be complex.

When you payroll is initially set up, we’ll ensure we clearly understand how your holiday scheme will work, and each employee will have a holiday record to ensure they get their full entitlement.

Each pay period we’ll recalculate holiday entitlement for hourly paid employees, and send a report to you so you can see with ease how much holiday each employee has accrued and taken.

You can choose to have holiday entitlement shown on payslips so employees have their up to date holiday entitlement with each pay period, and you will also receive reports and calendars for each employee once payroll is complete.

If you’ve chosen to access the Employer Portal and Employee Self-Service, holiday requests will be sent to you by email in real time, and you can approve or reject that request quickly and easily using the company-wide calendar showing approved holiday and absence.

Employees can use the Employee Self-Service App to check their holiday entitlement and book or cancel holiday anywhere at any time, giving them flexibility to plan their lives.

The holiday monitoring reports are included in the cost of standard payroll processing, giving you peace of mind and value for money.


Auto Enrolment Workplace Pension

Workplace pensions are now a standard part of being an employer.  As an employer you are required to provide a workplace pension scheme for your employees and opt them into it, making employer contributions each pay period.

We will help you choose a Pension Provider, and set up your pension scheme ensuring you are compliant.  We will calculate your employees pension contribution each pay period, and send the contribution schedule to the pension company each month.  We’ll ensure you know how much that will be each month and when payment should be made.

Calculation of the pension contributions and communication with the pension company each pay period is included with the cost of payroll each month, with the one off pension scheme set up fee starting at £249.00.



Trouble Shooting

You may have received a letter from HMRC telling you penalties have been applied for PAYE. This can be worrying and leave you dreading the phone call you’ll need to make.

After a frank and honest discussion via phone or Microsoft Teams, we will agree a course of action which will probably begin with us making a call to HMRC on your behalf to understand the situation from their perspective and to agree what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

We will then give you a written summary of that conversation and propose a course of action and approximate cost of the work involved. Depending upon the amount of work involved a schedule of payments may be included within the proposal.

Once we receive your agreement to this, we will register as your agent for PAYE with HMRC which enables us to have more frank and detailed conversations with them. We will complete the course of action as agreed and keep you informed as to our progress.

Once the situation has been resolved we will discuss how payroll should be managed going forward and a quotation for our fixed cost payroll service will be provided.

Talk to us today on 01384 92 90 20, or complete the contact form to discuss a payroll solution that works for you, and is a perfect fit for your business.

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