There are a number of great ways we can support you as you grow.

Whether you want training, outsourced payroll or a single employment contract we’re here to help.


Our payroll outsourcing and employment contract services are designed with the first time employer, small employer and domestic employer in mind. Out processes are robust and thorough, but thoughtfully designed to ensure they do not make new clients feel overwhelmed. After all, outsourcing is supposed to make life easier!

  • Payroll for Small Businesses and New Employers
  • Domestic Payroll for Carers, Nannies or Household Staff
  • Employment Contracts and Employer Handbooks
  • Trouble Shooting Existing Payroll
  • Payroll Training and Ongoing Support


We’ll ask you to complete our Letter of Engagement which will give you piece of mind. It outlines what we’ll do for you and when, and you’ll have our guarantee that things will be done on time and correctly. After you’ve engaged us to work for you, we’ll agree how you want to provide the information needed to create your payroll. We’ll gather the information, set up your basic payroll and send a report to you for checking. Once you’ve checked this and agreed it’s correct we’re ready to begin your monthly processing.

Monthly processing will be done in one of two ways. If your employees are paid the same amount each month we’ll schedule the date you need your payroll by, and it will arrive with you on time.

If your employees are paid based on hours worked, or are rewarded with bonuses that can change, we’ll agree the date each month that you’ll receive an email to remind you that its payroll time. You’ll send the information over by your chosen method, and payroll will be completed and arrive with you for checking.

In both scenarios, once you’ve agreed that payroll is correct it’s completed with HMRC and the Pension Regulator, pay slips are sent by your agreed method and an invoice will be sent to you for the month. Payment of the invoice isn’t due for 14 days so there’s no rush.

We really do keep it that simple!

Employment Contracts

We’ll ask you to complete our Letter of Engagement and agree how we’ll gather the information needed to create your tailored Employment Contracts and Employer Handbook. There are a number of clauses that may not be important to you, or apply to your business and we’ll agree a convenient time to discuss these. We can discuss this during a phone call or over Skype if you would prefer.

The documents will be created and a draft will be sent to you for checking and approval, and any alterations can be made at this stage. When you’re happy with the documents we’ll send the finalised documents to you as PDF’s for you to either print or distribute electronically to staff.

We ask that you let us know that the documents have been distributed to ensure you have a record that each staff member is employed within that written contract.

Each month we’ll check for any alterations within employment law that would make a change to any documentation and let you have amended documentation as necessary.

We’ll send an invoice for the work once it’s complete and you’re happy which you have 14 days to pay.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Trouble Shooting

You may have received a letter from HMRC telling you penalties have been applied for PAYE. This can be worrying and leave you dreading the phone call you’ll need to make.

After a frank and honest discussion via phone or Skype, we will agree a course of action which will probably begin with us making a call to HMRC on your behalf to understand the situation from their perspective and to agree what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

We will then give you a written summary of that conversation and propose a course of action and approximate cost of the work involved. Depending upon the amount of work involved a schedule of payments may be included within the proposal.

Once we receive your agreement to this, we will register as your agent for PAYE with HMRC which enables us to have more frank and detailed conversations with them. We will complete the course of action as agreed and keep you informed as to our progress.

Once the situation has been resolved we will discuss how payroll should be managed going forward and a quotation for our fixed cost payroll service will be provided.

Payroll Training and Ongoing Support

Running your own payroll can be a daunting task however many small employers want to keep this task in-house. PayrollAbility offers the best of both worlds to clients that choose to look after their own payroll.

Our HMRC Approved and Pension Regulator Recognised Payroll Bureau Software is a powerful and well-designed software package, ideal for running payroll for multiple companies. However, the provider has created a version ideal for small employers. This version of the software is easy to learn and use, and is compatible with our Bureau Software.

PayrollAbility can offer initial training and support via Skype or visit to your premises, leaving you skilled and ready to run your own payroll each month. And we’ll be here to check your monthly payroll if you have any concerns at the beginning. You can simply send a backup of your software. We can then view your payroll through our software and either give advice or amend for you as you request.

We can hold your hand as you learn, and be your peace of mind until you’re fully confident.

Talk to us today on 01384 92 90 20, or complete the contact form to discuss a payroll solution that works for you, and is ideal for your business.

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