Payroll for Single Employees

Single Employee Payroll

You’re a sole trader or limited company. You have a great life/work balance and want to keep your business small to let you have the life you want. You’re an expert at what you do and you have just the right number of clients to keep you busy and made the bottom line a figure a figure that makes life interesting with some left over. And you’ve thought about having someone to do paperwork, organize your day, check in with clients and help you keep it all ticking over. It’s a really appealing idea and would help you keep that life/work balance that you love so much.

You know you’ll need to pay that person. And you may be wondering how you’re going to do that, and whether the trade-off between having an easier working life and wrangling HMRC and The Pension Regulator is worth it. And you wonder whether payroll outsourcing companies are willing to run a payroll for one employee.

Well, welcome to PayrollAbility!

You’re exactly the reason we’re here. We work with small employers, and have the perfect solution for the single employee company.

We also like to make our pricing structure simple too.

A monthly payroll for one employee will cost £14.80*.

Once you reach your Automatic Enrolment staging date you’ll have to provide a compliant pension scheme, and we’ll set that up with Nest Pensions for a fixed fee of £200.00*.

Your monthly payroll cost will then increase to £17.30*.

And if your employee decides to opt out of the scheme, we’ll complete the administration of that for £20.00*.

It really is that simple!

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Standard payroll payment calculation and income tax and national insurance deduction.
  • Calculation of statutory sick pay, and maternity and paternity pay, and entitlement to maternity and paternity and leave.
  • After Automatic Enrolment, monthly assessment of your employee for Workplace Pension status, and notification of change of status.
  • Electronic pay slips emailed to you and directly to your employee at your request.
  • Completion of your monthly electronic return to HMRC.
  • Upload of your pension data file to your Auto Enrolment Pension Provider.
  • Reports for your records, which will be provided directly to you and a third party at your request.
  • Confirmation of the amount to be paid to HMRC each month, and a reminder of the date that it’s due.
  • Confirmation of the amount to be paid to your pension provider each month, and a reminder of the date that it’s due.
  • Processing your employee if they leave, with a P45 emailed to you or directly to them at your request.
  • Year End Process, including P60 emailed directly to you.
  • Includes 1 hour of phone support during each financial year.
  • 14 day credit terms on each invoice

Automatic Enrolment Administration:

  • Workplace Pension Employee Opt In/Opt Out processing.

It’s the ideal solution for a single employee payroll and offers peace of mind that everything will be taken care of, giving you the support you need without the red tape.

We’d love to speak to you, learn more about your business and get to know you, but if you already know what you want, and you want to get started with outsourcing your payroll right away, complete the form below. We’ll email you with our Letter of Engagement and easy to complete Client FactFind Form, so you can give us all the information we’ll need to register your business as an employer with HMRC and set up payroll. We’ll also need some information about your employee, and the email will help you provide that too.

We’ll arrange a time for a quick phone call to finalise the details and confirm what happens next.

You can call us in the office today on 01384 92 90 20 for more information and a chat, or complete the form and get things moving straight away.

We’re here and ready to help when you need us.

*Quoted fees are for businesses with 1 employee only. Administration fees will be charged if the employer adds more employees to the payroll.

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