Trouble Shooting


Trouble Shooting

Being awake at night and worrying won’t solve that problem. But a quick call to us means you can get on with running your business, knowing things are being resolved on your behalf we’ll be the buffer between you and HMRC.

Our HMRC ‘Trouble Shooting’ service is as individual as you and your business are. Whilst the problem you have might be a common one, the reasons behind it will be unique to you.

The complexity and age of the problem will determine how we approach HMRC and the response we are likely to receive from them.

We are always open and honest with clients as to the possible outcome, and whilst we appreciate it can be difficult to discuss something that may be awkward or embarrassing, be assured we are here only to help and never to judge.

We have a good track record of positive outcomes with HMRC and our experience of them will all be used to minimize the impact of the situation on you and your business.

Speak to us today in confidence. Our first investigative call to HMRC is free of charge and will shed light on the situation and put us on the road to resolving your problem and getting you back on the straight and narrow.

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