Many things can lead to frequent or regular employee lateness, and may not necessarily be the effect of a tardy and disorganised employee.

Initially a chat over coffee might be all that’s needed to deal with the issue. There may be a good reason why they’re struggling to get into work on time, and it may be that with a small adjustment the situation can be rectified. Parents and people with caring obligations are entitles to request flexible working, though it is not limited to only these employees. You can assess your employees issues and needs, and a flexible working pattern may be a solution. There is a process that needs to be followed to ensure that the request is dealt with in a reasonable manner.

However, if the lateness is caused by lack of care or consideration, then your Employer Handbook and Employment Contract will set out the disciplinary process that can be followed if needed.

ACAS have further advise on how to handle employee lateness here:

PayrollAbility provides small employers with an Employer Handbook, and Contracts that clearly lays out the obligations of the employee, and the disciplinary process for misconduct. Speak to us today about how this can help and support your business, keeping things simple and transparent.

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