Around three years ago I wrote a blog that was based on the idea of why I do what I do. Lots of friends think I’m an accountant (only partly! and I don’t take the work on) and when I say I run payroll, I tend to get an ‘Oh, ONLY payroll…?’

And it got me thinking again about what’s changed since that blog, and whether I’m motivated any differently today than I was 3 years ago. Why I do what I do? And why I’m sat at my desk at 20:34 on a Monday evening feeling like it’s been a good day, but asking myself ‘what more can I do for my clients?’

So, lets get to the nub of the thing. I specialise in payroll and everything that goes with it, for small companies, new employers with one or more employees, and domestic households. And I love it! My clients are small IT companies, chip shops, cafes, cleaners, creatives, carers, therapists and so many more; start-ups and entrepreneurs that love what they do and are so good at it that they need more people that believe in their dream and need to be paid for that commitment. And here I am to make that happen!

I came from a payroll partnership, a very sad situation. A business partnership that failed, with a business partner that was in it for the money and the ego, and to play a game, and not for those café owners and creatives that are still probably sat at their desks and work benches too, just as I am tonight.

What I realised after that failure was that I do love this work, I love my clients, but most of all I love taking care of people and making their worlds a stress-free and happier place to be. My happiest days are when I get a new starter form from a client, and think back to a year or so ago when they had their first employee, and now they have two or maybe 3. And I’m part of their story. I keep them safe, protected from HMRC and the Pensions Regulator, and help them care for their people and pursue their dream, whatever it may be.

It absolutely is about crunching the numbers, deducting the tax and NI, sending the payslips and the FPS and the Pension Contributions Schedules, but for me it’s so much more.

It’s about the people. The dreams they have. And creating the space in their lives and their minds to let them turn that dream into something that’s real and theirs.

And that’s my dream!

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